Senior Project Manager (Large Capital Projects)

Company Name:
Senior Project Manager (Large Capital Projects) Greenville, NC

a) Key areas of accountability/responsibility

SHE requirements
- General SHE aspects for all jobs
Jobholder identifies all relevant SHE and security aspects and assesses the corresponding risks related to his/her job (e.g. use of machines, traveling, required training, ergonomics, SHE and security plans etc.); acts in such a way that the SHE and security impact on him/herself and others is minimized (e.g. following instructions/procedures, knowing location of fire extinguishers, good housekeeping etc.); reports and gives follow-up to any incidents (near misses, injuries, dangerous occurrences, security threats and breaches etc.)
- General SHE aspects for a job as a manager or supervisor
Jobholder identifies all relevant SHE and security aspects and assesses the corresponding risks related to his/her department and makes sure these are known, understood and can be handled by his/her employees; sets the example; shows real SHE and security leadership by setting standards and encouraging his/hers employees to act (SHE and security) responsible for their well-being; organizes involvement in SHE and security matters; gives follow-up to any incidents.

Accountable for translation of "Business Needs" into a project approach; defining, documenting and securing the Project Execution Plan and Contracting Strategy. Will implement the relevant DSM requirements and Work processes.
Accountable for project controls: project cost estimating, planning/scheduling, project benchmarking, effective cost control/forecasting, effective project progress control, contracting/procurement-plans, cash flow management and financial status of the project.
Accountable for improving capital stewardship by improving capital efficiency by using Value Improvement Practices (increasing revenues, decreasing expenses and reducing the capital employed).
Accountable for development and implementation of Project Quality Control and Assurance.
Responsible for managing the project interfaces with all parties involved, including internal and external communication and transfer of relevant project data according to a communication plan.
Accountable for achievement of project objectives (quality, time, budget) and defined expectations of the principal, by:
Understanding, negotiation and agreement to the expectations and key success factors of principal.
Formation of a project team, in cooperation with resource providers.
Manage various contract types, (e.g. Lump Sum Turn Key, Lump Sum, Cost Reimbursable, Alliance and/or Incentive type of contractors).
Control, direction and subsequent integration of various project parts.
Effective project controls, results, re-alignment of plans and to inform the principal and other stakeholders of progress, intermediate results and (main potential) problems. If required he/she is also responsible for corrective actions and Project Recovery Planning.
Application of Value Enhancing Techniques in projects (e.g. Value Improvement Practices (VIP's), Project Definition & Start Up work process (PDSU), Project Risk Assessment, etc), optimizing Front End loading, contributing to the Business Needs Memorandum
Responsible to safeguard SHE requirements within the project context by:
Proper safety attitude adopted and carried by all project participants.
Formulate and implement the Project SHE plan.
Negotiation and finalizing agreements with public bodies.
Organizing and effective project-site security
See also "General SHE aspects"
Align/comply to M&TT, cGMP competence and programs
Responsible for coaching of team members:
Direct, guide and motivate project team members.
Ensure results oriented cooperation.
Responsibility in Special Assignments:
Consultancy services during early (feasibility) project phase(s).
Provision of consultancy services to other projects e.g. troubleshooting, value enhancing techniques, project-audits and project recovery.
Effective ad interim line-management.
Securing his/her competence in work procedures, systems and organization. Introduction of new competences
Strengthening of Center of Expertise and global networking for PMgt.

1. Knowledge and educational level

Academic level: University or bachelor degree in a technical science (e.g. (bio-) chemical engineering, mechanical engineering).

- Good knowledge of project management techniques, practices and principles.
- Excellent understanding of contracting principles and the contracting process.
- Extensive knowledge of investment estimating methods.
- Knowledge of construction techniques and practices.
- Basic understanding of technical disciplines mechanical, electrical and instrumentation (sub)-systems.
Good knowledge of DSM work processes (PMP, Large & Small Capital Projects, Operational, Technology Transfer, etc.), Value Improvement and current Good Manufacturing Practices.
- Excellent understanding of regulatory requirements and corporate/client requirements.
- Basic understanding of relevant production processes (food,(fine) chemical and/or pharmaceutical).
- Good knowledge of team dynamics and -motivators.
- Good social skills.
- Good knowledge of project optimization practices (e.g. workshop techniques etc)
- Good knowledge of financial control, financial reporting and administration systems (e.g. SAP)
- Basic (Good) knowledge of Business Finance.
- Good knowledge of English both in speech and writing

2. Required level of experiences

At least 10 years of documented experience with the execution of projects of various complexity and capital investment in a relevant international business/technology environment.
- Certified Project Manager (IPMA/PMI) or equal is recommended

Don't Be Fooled

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